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Fractional Residence Club

San Francisco

The advantages of fractional home ownership are compelling. You have a fully furnished second home, staffed by Fairmont’s dedicated owner services team, available for a minimum of 35 days per year, with 1/10th deeded fractional ownership.

Ownership is deeded into a specific residence however, the usage operates via a floating policy. This broadens availability so owners may reserve time based on their travel needs, while having the unique opportunity to stay in a variety of residences with different floorplans and views within the notable historic buildings. It’s a complete home, a base for living and entertaining, always awaiting your arrival.

Three Bedroom Residence
Approximately 1,800 Square Foot

Two Bedroom Residence
Approximately 1,300 Square Foot

One Bedroom Residence
Approximately 730 Square Foot

Floorplans may vary on size, layout, and features. Units and floorplans based on availability.