In the late 1800s, the area of San Francisco which we now refer to as SOMA, was called South of the Slot and it was bustling with wine production and trade. The fires that resulted from the 1906 earthquake forced those wineries to relocate and the neighborhood lost its footing in the wine industry. That is until Bluxome Street Winery took back SOMA with their full functioning winery, tasting room and event space. With the success of their South of the Slot location, Bluxome set its sights on opening a tasting room towards the North and has chosen the famous Woolen Mills building as their location.


Like Bluxome, the Woolen Mills building is rich in San Francisco history. Situated on the Bay side of Ghirardelli Square, the Woolen Mills is the first mill ever opened in California. Owners and guests can now sit in the newly renovated space overlooking the Bay with a glass of wine in hand, and pay tribute to those who over a hundred years ago shared that same space to produce uniforms for the Union soldiers during the Civil War.


It is that same love of history, culture, and fine living that draws so many to make Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square Private Resident Club their second home. Today we raise our glasses to all those who have shared these beautiful brick buildings and toast to success of Bluxome Street Winery in their North of the Slot location.



PS. We hear Bluxome and chocolate go together quite nicely. They even offer a wine and chocolate pairing class!