For many that live and work in San Francisco, they know that the city has a look and feel that’s different from any other city in the country, or even the world.  They just don’t always have the time to sit back and re-discover the wonder of the city.


This very thought process is what inspired Jaslin Yu to bring her husband, son, and dog to enjoy a staycation at Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square, which is just an hour drive from their home in the South Bay. Though Jaslin works in San Francisco frequently and the family has visited together many times, it was a completely different experience staying in the city at our Private Residence Club for an extended period of time. Jaslin and her family enjoyed a two-bedroom residence with a full kitchen and living area while  taking advantage of the property’s chauffeured house car to experience the distinctive features wholly unique to the City by the Bay.


Many of the Owners at this award-winning Private Residence Club have purchased at Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square for just that reason. They use their second home in the city to take full advantage of the Opera season, to cheer on their beloved Giants, to partake in the culinary mecca of Michelin starred restaurants, or just have a central place for the family to gather on special occasions.  In fact, many of our current owners live within driving distance of the property and visit their second home for frequent Staycations based on their convenience.


“We wanted a place in the city to be able to enjoy San Francisco and not have the hassle to take care of it. The whole idea was to take several short vacations where we do not have to pack, take a flight and be there in an hour or so.  We wanted the view of the bay and access to the best walking/biking trails to enjoy outdoors while be close enough to enjoy the city night life and cultural insights.” – Sanna and Nicki, Cupertino


Consider making Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square your family’s second home vacation destination. Read on for the full details of Jaslin Yu’s review of her Holiday in the City.



News clipping


Date: 6 October 2015

Newspaper:  Sing Tao Daily – Sing Tao Features

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Vacation inside the City

By Jaslin Yu


America’s economy was in a decline for several years; many people were not spending money, especially on overseas travel.  The concept of Vacation in the City then came into being.  Although the economy has now recovered, this special vacation concept continues to still be very popular.


My family and I were staying in the South Bay near San Jose.   My love for Vacation in the City started a few years ago when my family and I, four of us in all including the dog, spent a weekend in San Francisco to enjoy the city life.  Although we were very familiar with this city, this holiday had a completely different feel to it.


We spent a wonderful weekend staying in the Fairmont Heritage Place Residence near the famous Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. This luxury residence offered a residence property ownership.  You can spend at least 35 days in this residence or any Fairmont residences for that matter after purchasing the property ownership.  This gives you the same feeling as purchasing a second home.  We rented the residence this time as we wanted to experience the actual services and facilities before deciding on ownership of the property.


The geographic location of this residence is at Ghirardelli Place making it and is very close to Fisherman’s Wharf. This great location gives easy convenient access to anywhere. The residence provides a free private shuttle service to anywhere within two miles from the hotel.   The following morning we took a private shuttle to visit the Ferry Building.  We bought lots of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmer’s market followed by a walk in the beautiful sun and cool breeze back to the residence.


The two bedroom two living room residence was very well equipped. There was a living room on the left with an open-style kitchen plus dining area after entering the front door.  Alongside the corridor was a wardrobe, washing machine and tumble dryer.  The second part of the unit contained two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and the interior design gives it nice warm homely feeling. Our unit also had a huge balcony. No matter where you sit you can enjoy the great seascape of San Francisco.  Enjoying coffee on the balcony in the morning and spending time with the family next to fireplace in the evening was wonderful.  It was a rare opportunity to experience the quietness of the city.


The VIP lounge near the lobby, with indoor and outdoor seating, provided free buffet-style breakfast every morning and wine tastings in the afternoon. My partner and I liked to exercise in the gym located next to the lounge in the mornings to welcome a beautiful day.  We also enjoyed running along the coast if the weather was a fine.


This residence focuses on providing a unique personalized service. Every staff member was very friendly and attentive. They even noticed my son’s new haircut after I took him to a nearby salon and said that he looked very smart. The staff had even prepared a toy for my pet before our arrival. They provided us some chocolate ice-cream coupons that allowed us to experience the blissful atmosphere in the Ghirardelli after dinner.


There are several after dinner activities you can do like walking around the plaza or along Fisherman’s Wharf to feel the festive atmosphere or simply watch the local seals playing. Or simply have a quiet evening indoors enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire, listening to music or watching television. Somehow you will forget whether you are at home or in the residence.  So, do I want to become a Fairmont Residence property owner?  I believe I’ve got the answer!



About the author

Jaslin Yu is a government official and a food & lifestyle writer. She writes and takes photos for two weekly columns focused on food, travel and lifestyle for the Sing Tao Daily of the West Coast Edition. Her articles are published on the front pages of the Food and Lifestyle sections. Her articles are also posted on Founded in Hong Kong in 1938, the Sing Tao Daily is the leader among all Chinese media serving the Chinese community worldwide. 






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